The DC-5100 can be used as a stand-alone unit to overlaminate printed cards and extend their durability up to 10 years.

In connection with the DASCOM DC-7600 retransfer printer, cards can be completely printed and laminated on one or both sides in one operation without user intervention.
Highlights at a glance
  • In connection with DC-7600 single and double-sided lamination
  • 2-line LCD display
  • Suitable for laminates of 0.6 mil or 1.0 mil
  • Processing speed up to 35 mm / sec.

  • DC-5100 standard model
Laminator DC-5100

Laminator DC-5100

Lamination method Direct thermal
Lamination modesTechnology Single side;
Dual side (only in combination with DC-7600)
Lamination speed 6 - 35 mm/sec.
Interfaces 1x USB
1x Ethernet
Card format ISO ID-1/CR-80
Card thickness 0,48 - 1,1 mm
20 - 50 mil
Models, options and consumables
Model overview
  • DC-5100 (Part-No. 28.849.0112)

  • Mounting plate for DC-7600 and a laminator (Part-No. 28 026 004)
  • Mounting plate for DC-7600 and two laminators (Part-No. 28 026 005)


  • Clear Patch (200 patches; 0.6 mil) (Part-No. 28 026 011)
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