With its 24-pin print head, the Tally Dascom 1330 flatbed printer produces clean text and is particularly well suited to use in front desk applications, such as at travel agencies and doctors practices, which have to print various forms.

Users can select here whether the paper is to be delivered via the single sheet feed tray at the rear or at the front following printing. In addition to this, continuous paper can also be processed using the push tractor provided as standard.
Highlights at a glance
  • Advanced 24-pin, 82 column flatbed printer
  • Up to 450 cps speed
  • Ideal for front and back office application
  • Up to 7-parts copy capability
  • Intelligent print position tracking sensor
  • 1330 standard model with USB interface
  • 1330 model with USB and par. interface
  • 1330 model with USB and ser. interface
  • 1330 model with USB and Ethernet interface
Flatbed Printer 1330

Flatbed Printer 1330

Print head 24 pins
Print speed up to 450 char/sec.
Print volume up to 6.000 pages/month
Resolution up to 360 x 360 dpi

1x USB

1x par., 1x USB

1x ser., 1x USB

1x Ethernet, 1x USB

Emulations IBM, Epson
Print width 80 characters at 10 cpi
Copies 1 original and 6 copies
Models, options and consumables
Model overview
  • 1330 standard model (Part-No. 28.822.0252)
  • 1330 model with parallel and USB interface (Part-No. 28.822.0258)
  • 1330 model with serial and USB interface (Part-No. 28.822.0259)
  • 1330 model with Ethernet and USB interface (Part-No. 28.822.0260)



  • Ribbon black (7 mio. char) (Part-No. 099 007)


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